Welcome to Jackson Creek Community Garage Sale

Welcome to Jackson Creek Community Garage Sale

2nd Annual Jackson Creek Community Garage Sale


Jackson Creek 2nd Annual Community Garage Sale Is Here!

Sell or Shop for hidden treasures on Friday, June 7 and Sat.  8th of 2019 from 8am-3pm.  This is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors, spring clean and of course shop too ! 


Hasslefree Garage Sale! How it Works...

Shop, Sell or Both...  HOW IT WORKS 

Shoppers: Shop many garage sales in a neighborhood with hundreds of homes. To pick up a paper list of garage sale locations go to 357 Whistler Creek Court  at 7:45 on the morning of the sale. Fliers will be available all day. 

Sellers: Hundreds of home owners are welcome to have a sale in their own driveway for this event. The sale is advertised online and  signs will be posted  9 days prior to the sale by Tri- Lakes Real Estate Team / Frances Machovina/Broker Real Estate Marketing Group LLC.  This advertising will bring buyers to the neighborhood.   Sale participants will post signs  from your closest main road to direct buyers to your sale.  It is best to use brite colored signs in all the same color.  A registration page found here will add your property location to my list.  If you register, you will be put on a directional list of properties participating in the sales.  All participating homes will have these lists to hand to the shoppers. Frances will drop them at your home.  This list will also be posted a day prior to the sale on this page.  For questions about the sale, call Frances / Tri-Lakes Real Estate, Inc. employing Broker / Real Estate Marketing Group LLC at   719-200-7387.  The deadline to have your home added to the list is June 1st. The safety precautions and all liabilty are the responsibility of each individual home owner.  Happy selling! 


Event Sponsor:

I am Frances Machovina, a 15 year Jackson Creek  home  owner and your Jackson Creek  Real Estate Specialist.  As the owner of Tri-Lakes Real Estate, Inc / employing broker Real Estate Marketing Group, LLC.   I am happy to help you with all your Real Estate needs.  Call me with any Community garage sale questions at 719-200-7387  Happy spring cleaning! 

SIgn up to host a sale at your home

To be put on the list of homes hosting a garge sale complete the form below. How it works details on the bottom of this site.

Jackson Creek Community Garage Sale

357 Whistler Creek Court, Monument, CO 80132, us

(719) 200-7387